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Revill Revill

Revill Revill is a small, friendly, Surbiton based business supplying skilfully crafted lampshades.

Karen Revill spent nearly 20 years working on the buying & production side of the High Street fashion industry until her son came along. She then put her creative side to good use and learnt about professional soft furnishings (which she'd always done as a hobby until then) and lampshade making. She loved the lampshade side of things especially, as it could bring in her love of fabrics and particularly prints so she went about learning everything she could, ready to put her plan into action when her son went to school full-time. Hence, Revill, Revill came onto the scene in March 2011. Her working background has served her well and she is dedicated to making lampshades she can be proud of and that others will love.

As well as Modern British and Scandinavian style design,Karen has always been a huge fan of the work produced by St. Jude's and the artists they work with, in particular Mark Hearld, having been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of his prints in her own home. She approached St. Jude's early on with fingers crossed that they would give her permission to use their fabrics to make and sell lampshades. She was so pleased that they said 'yes' and have continued to give her such encouragement and support.